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Herculist Plus - Best Safelist to get Traffic

Herculist Plus - Best safelist to get Traffic , Leads and Sign-ups 

The Herculist plus safelist is a branded safelist that communicates its members about your offer. It works similarly to a solo ad, but there are a few important changes with this form of email list.

What is a Safelist ?

A safelist is an email list where you can send emails to other safelist members. It's an online database of people, mainly internet marketers, who have given the safelist's owner permission to send daily offers to their email address.

The offers might be for any type of product or service, but the majority of safelists promote business chances or internet marketing opportunities to help people make money online . 
The owner of a safelist creates a list of the safelist's members. In the instance of the Herculist safelist, there are 159390 people on it ( as of July 5 ,2021 ).

That figure will rise if more people decide to use Herculist plus to receive their emails.
Members of the safelist will provide the safelist's owner access to receive email offers from other members.

Members of the safelist are often internet marketers, thus they receive offers from other internet marketers. As a result, a safelist is self-serving, because your goal is usually to market your offer, but in exchange, you get someone else's offer to evaluate.

Because of this, most people try to avoid safelists; however, I'll explain why you shouldn't dismiss safelists later in this post . 

What Is The Difference Between A Safelist And A Solo Ad?

If you operate in internet marketing, you've probably heard of solo advertising. A safelist and a solo ad are both email lists, but there is a significant difference between the two.
A solo ad is a list of subscribers who have freely requested additional information on a specific topic. The list of subscribers is not providing a counter-offer (if they have one). This is the distinction.

In the case of internet marketing, the list of subscribers may be genuinely interested in the subject and willing to learn more about it if it would assist them in solving a problem.
They will buy a product or service if an offer they receive helps them solve an issue.

Safelists: Everything You Need to Know

If you insist on using safelists, there are a few things you should be aware of : 
  • Safelists are less expensive than solo advertising, and if you know how to utilise them correctly, you can achieve fantastic results. (I'll go into more detail about this later ).
  • All safelists are not made equal. You may have previously explored The Top 10 Safelists in 2021 and discovered others, but you must track the performance of your safelists in order to determine which one offers the best results. Clickmagick, a link tracking software, is an excellent tool to track the success of your safelists. This tool will assist you in adding tracking pixels to your lead capture pages so that you can see which safelist is generating the most engagement in your internet marketing offer.
  • Safelists are wonderful if you're just getting started with internet marketing, but if you want to build a long-term business, you should use solo advertisements or other advertising tactics like Facebook or Google Ads. These ad platforms will help you grow your business more quickly and earn more money.
  • If you tried a safelist and didn't get the results you wanted, give it another shot. The majority of advertising campaigns do not produce positive outcomes the first time around. It's all about tweaking your ad and giving it a second chance.

How to Make the Most of the Herculist Plus Safelist


When I initially started internet Marketing , I used safelists as my first advertising campaign, and I had amazing success with them.
In fact, the Herculist Plus safelist was the only one that provided me with more leads and sales. Many other online marketers have given the Herculist safelist the same assessment - it is the best safelist and most responsive.

When you send your offer to a bigger group of people, safelists function best.
As a result, emailing 159390 contacts rather than 1000 contacts may get a greater response.
If this is your first time utilising the Herculist safelist, I strongly advise you to upgrade to their Pro or Gold subscription so you may send your offer to all 159390 members, increasing your chances of getting more sales.

Why Do I Recommend Herculist Plus to You?

I recommend Herculist since it has helped me produce a significant number of leads and revenues for my business.

It's one of those low-budget email lists, so if you're not ready to spend a lot of money on traffic just yet, the Herculist safelist is a wonderful option.

It's a membership site that's completely free to join. You can only send your offer to 1000 people as a free member.

However, because this is how safelists work, it is highly recommended that you make your offer to more than 10,000 members to receive the greatest results.

10000 is still a Huge Number 


Methodology : 

  1. Pick a High converting product from Affiliate Marketing , Cpa Marketing or Get Sign-ups or Any
  2. Create a Landing page ( recommended & Sign up free  ) which is very important while promoting offers in Social media / Paid ads / Lead Generation . 
  3. Promote the landing page containing offer in Herculist plus 

If you want to send your offer to more people, you'll need to upgrade to a Pro or Gold membership or pay a one-time fee.

A year of Pro membership is $49.95 ( Current Offer - $15/ year, or $9.95 a month. Every 48 hours, you'll be able to send an email to over 81500 subscribers.

A year of Gold membership is $89.95 ( Current Offer - $25/ year ) or $14.95 each month. Every 24 hours, you will be able to send an email to over 81500 subscribers.
If you're a Pro or Gold member, your safelist traffic is covered for the full year, and the potential for sales is limitless.

Sign Up for a Free Account > Try it for a Day > Upgrade to Gold 


What services do they offer : 

It includes ,
  • Solo ads 
  • Email Blaster 
  • Hercublurbs
  • Guaranteed Visitors 
  • Website traffic 
  • Zone 
  • Unlimited leads 
These are other services that you can get access to other than Email services . You can pay for some of the above mentioned services and you can also earn "credits" by reading emails that other herculist member sends out to your Registered Email address . After you collect the Credits - use that to Publish your offer ! 

Best Practice : Becoming a GOLD Member of Herculist and Get Access to send your Offer to 159390 Members per day . 


BONUS : You also have an Refer System , By referring few people by yourself you can cover the cost you have spent. Also get $5 as a Signup Bonus

What I like : 

  • HercBLUBs are amazing text ads that get members' attention.
  • Every 24 hours, I send an eMail.
  • If you have enough credits, you can mail more than once a day for free.
  • One of my favourite features is theZONE. Allowing you to share your website with other ZONE members.

Final Thoughts : 

In review , is a great advertising platform for anyone trying to build their Business online . There's nothing to lose because you may register and test it out for free. I am satisfied with their services, and I am confident that you will be as well.

Bonus : 


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